Complexity Simplified

Volumetric Building Companies is a vertically integrated manufacturing, construction and innovation group focused on building multi-family housing in the modular industry. With a dedicated focus on design, logistics, manufacturing and construction, the company provides an integrated package that makes it a leader in the industry. Volumetric modular construction is a fast-growing segment of the construction trade that streamlines the process of building by integrating design, engineering, construction and management into an off-site, vertically integrated supply chain.

VBC | Construction represents our diverse abilities within multi-family modular construction. Partnered with VBC | Manufacturing, we are your primary source of expertise for your next project from ideation to completion. VBC | Construction prides itself on being able to get developers into their buildings with more ease and significantly less time than traditional construction methods.

VBC | Manufacturing is the division representing our expansion into full-focused commercial modular manufacturing. Working in conjunction with our expert team at VBC | Construction, your building is designed and manufacturing exactly as needed for an efficient on-site build. Utilizing the expertise of both teams allows us to fully-integrate systems and infrastructure in such a way that you are able to begin generating revenue three to four times faster than traditional building methods, in some cases.