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International Building Trends: 2018 and Beyond

Building Trends Are Similar Worldwide

There are a number of trends which are happening all over the world according to an article in Building Design + Construction from January 23, 2018. By looking at how the world is changing its work practices and lifestyle choices we can get an insight into what kinds of spaces we will need to build for the future.


  • “Space design & planning”
  • “Wellness”
  • “Resiliency”
  • “Innovation in building design”
  • “Certifications”
  • “Human factors”

Space design & planning

The key here is that space needs to become more flexible. For commercial office spaces, the co-working trend is on the rise. Due to digitalization, the amount of space required to do a lot of work has reduced greatly. For larger companies, they are looking for ways to reduce their overhead. Co-working and “flex-space” also provide unique and natural networking opportunities. Through this kind of model many young companies are able to find customers, vendors, or other helpful partners. Growing a business is very competitive and for those who are able to take advantage of the benefits, this kind of space is desirable.

However, for new construction, there is a huge opportunity to reinvent. There is no standard for what office space will look like in the future yet. That means there are places designers and builders can take risks. Therefore, these days the innovative are rewarded.


People now expect their environment will be supportive of their lifestyle. In the case of co-working of other kinds of office space, tenants are sensitive to amenities. So as things become more interconnected, the distinction between work & play is diminishing. That means builders, designers, and property managers need to be aware of this to serve the needs of the market.

We now know that stress has an impact on performance. Employees want a working environment that is conducive to good health and wellness. This is likely to become even more important as time goes on and options become available. For employers, this may rethinking other aspects of company culture.


Building out of quality materials is something we take pride in. However, in the future, it will take even more creative thinking and planning to develop properties that can withstand powerful storms. Hurricanes have ravaged parts of the United States and other countries in the world in the past few years. It will be the job of the construction industry to protect people from the things that cannot be controlled.

Innovating in building design

The article specifically mentions modular building as a key component!

This year will bring everything from modular and highly adaptable building designs to technological advancements that unlock projects and create new solutions.

They also site partnerships as a integral to creating innovation. We have seen this kind of value from our recent joint venture with Ritz Craft Homes, Johns Buckley. A lot of progress can be made when you bring together many disciplines under one roof. Vertical integration is not only technological. It must be accomplished through trust and integrity.


Due to these changes in design and the construction of buildings themselves, new certifications are available. LEED is one of the most recognized for sustainable building, but there are many others. Each has its own requirements and are recognized by different organizations. Designers who are certified in many new standards could set themselves apart from the competition.

Human factors

Perhaps the most critical, and least often considered factors in building is the human factor. As technology gets more advanced, so too must we understand people. Whether it has to do with your talent acquisition, customer service practices, or partnership development, you must know how to lead people.

So as we build VBC as a company for the future, we look inward and outward to ensure that we provide opportunity for people to be their best. Trends are things that can’t be controlled, and are often only visible after they’re gone. However, a talented and motivated team can accomplish anything when they work together.

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