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The Roxborough Trust Company Building

Historic Reuse For Commercial Real Estate

We connect the neighborhood with our properties whenever we can. Now we are extending that mentality. We are creating a professional community with a commercial real estate investment in Roxborough. Whenever a historic bank building becomes available…you do what you can to buy it. Almost all of our work is in modular construction. However, there have been a few select projects that involve retrofitting existing buildings. We take these on under special circumstances when the architecture of the property is uncommon. We have been looking for a new office space as well. This was an opportunity to add value with community development as well.

What Vaughan Has To Say

Roxborough Develpoment Corporation “Roxborough Trust Company Building Finds Reuse Amid Historic District Consideration”

…so to get value, it needed to be developed. It’s a similar situation here with bank. We have to find a way to

maximize its potential.

Leverington Mews was the other remodel project VBC has completed. That project is what Vaughan was referring to when he said, “it needed to be developed.” Finding ways to maximize potential is something that Vaughan and VBC have always excelled at. This project is a creative solution that demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating value for the community and themselves in the process.

Pictured to the left is what the first floor of the bank looks like under construction. The project is already underway and taking shape. New ways to bring value to the property and the surrounding neighborhood continue to evolve. Community development is a complex and rewarding process. In the coming months and years we hope to have this property add to the community and continue to bring awareness to Roxoborough.
All in all, we are excited about what’s to come. We can’t wait to share more about this project as it develops.

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