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Excited About Modular Construction Management // Behind The Shield with Tiffany Helfrich

The Future Of Construction Management

If you ask Tiffany Helfrich how she feels about construction management she’ll tell you, “I fell in love with it.” Originally from Bucks County, she is currently a student in Drexel’s construction management program. As a student she wants to learn from the inside out. Tiffany hits the books diligently, and works hard here in her co-op. The process of integrating Tiffany into our company culture has been seamless. That is due to her passion and dedication for the craft of construction management.

She began studying various kinds of engineering and that thirst for knowledge continued into her first years at University. While Tiffany began by studying civil and mechanical engineering, working at VBC has given her an appreciation for the modular building process. No schools in the area offer a specific educational track for modular construction management but that has not stopped Tiffany from learning as much as she can. Drexel’s course work has been challenging and intriguing to her, but nothing beats real world experience which she has received from her co-op and on-site educational models lead by professors at Drexel.

The “Hidden Gem” @ Drexel

The professors all have actual experience working as construction managers or other professionals in the industry. That allows the students to learn by going to see them in person. For example, one professor who works as a construction manager took them to see steel setting on a job site. Tiffany also said that these experiences are part of what solidified her desire to continue working in this field. Drexel offers a business law course taught by attorneys. A construction professional teaches their construction contracts course. This kind of real world credibility is incredibly powerful.

The Power Of The Co-Op

It has also been impactful for Tiffany to see Vaughan Buckley as an entrepreneur in action. Getting to see this side of the construction industry provides a rigorous and fun working environment. Tiffany’s perspective has been valuable for the organization as well, understanding what the next generation see for the future.

What About Modular In School?

The innovative and efficient advancements of modular construction management are not being adequately taught in school according to Tiffany. Within a short period of time, Tiffany has recognized the value here and wants to be a part of it. She has peers who are eager to hear from her about her experience, because they know something special is happening. The education system must catch up to the modular practices of today, to continue creating a pipeline of talent for the future of the industry.

From Undecided To Definitely Inspired

Tiffany was undecided on which engineering track she wanted to take upon entering University. Now that she has spent time working at VBC she is inspired in the possibilities that modular construction management offers. We have no doubt that she will be successful because of her energy and intelligence.


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