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Modular Construction // Major Market Segments

Modular Building’s Future

The Modular Building Institute produced a report analyzing modular construction’s market share of North America’s construction industry. They did so in conjunction with The Sage Policy Group, Inc. This report focuses on (6) market segments where modular construction components and techniques are growing.

Feel free to read it for reference, to further understand this article.

Below is a breakdown of how VBC sees the future of our industry.

Major Modular Construction Market Segments

  • Multifamily Housing
  • Retail/Commercial
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Institutional & Assembly
  • Office and Administrative

Multifamily Housing

For multifamily projects, modular components can deliver in up to half the time of a site-built comparable. Due to the fact that there is much less on-site waste from modular construction, these projects are also eco-friendly. Environmental impact is something modern consumers are sensitive to, and therefore this is something we take seriously when designing our projects.

For an example of one of our multifamily projects take a look at Wright Peak.


Modular components and building techniques are especially valuable for franchise owners. The regimented supply chain helps keep track of materials and eliminate waste. Having designs integrated with engineering provides an efficiency that can not be matched in a traditional manner. This centralization can also help maintain quality control as well.


The students need to move in, and begin classes in September, no matter what. That means that the opening of student living facilities is one of the strictest deadlines we have to deal with. Therefore VBC’s design & building process makes delivery and opening a predictable process.


In addition to providing simplicity in design, modular construction is ideal for constructing pods or individual units for healthcare. However, in recent years, innovation in the manufacturing process have made it possible to create entire hospitals from modular components.

Institutional & Assembly

For non-profits, police and fire stations, and religious buildings, modular construction can provide an affordable solution. Donors to these kinds of institutions may also be interested in the positive impact of using sustainable methods to do their business.

Office and Administrative

Modular building components are used to construct whole office buildings and complexes. They can also be very useful for developing smaller satellite locations.

Also, for those land owners who are looking to make the best use of a plot, modular construction can make a difference in maximizing profitability and usefulness.

Summary Of Benefits

All in all, for developing sustainable, well designed structures, modular components can add a lot of value. With VBC’s years of experience and innovative approaches, a project of any kind can be enhanced. By delivering products quickly on site and assembling them, we are able to guarantee completion dates. By managing everything under one roof we provide you with peace of mind.

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