Founded in 2009 to address a critical need for efficient and quality construction for the mid market real estate developer, our firm has grown exponentially year over year.


Our firm has quickly become known for our experience and expertise in the Philadelphia modular construction market. Building over 100 units in 2016 and performing over $1,000,000 a month in construction in Philadelphia, we have the bandwidth to make any size modular project happen. Recently recognized by Professional Builder Magazine as one of the top 40 builders under 40 in the United States, we do what we say and we always work to achieve 100% client satisfaction. This means you will have exactly the level of support you need to ensure your job is a success. We are always happy to chat, so if you have a project that you think might be a good fit - feel free to reach out. Cheers!



Robert Schmalbach
Vice President - Construction

Rob has over a decade of experience, running his own successful construction company and working with VBC before joining the team officially, as our Vice President of Construction. Rob has won industry awards and been recognized as a rising star in  the modular industry.

Vaughan Buckley

Vaughan is a modular expert. As a practicing lawyer and one of Philadelphia's largest purchasers of modular components, he has the knowledge, contacts & experience to make any size project successful. A proud member of many industry organizations and a huge proponent of modular construction.

Michael Pesarchik
General Manager

Michael has worked at the industry's largest modular manufacturers, all over the United States. He has presided over the management of factories that have produced tens of thousands of housing units. Michael's knowledge of modular factories is unmatched in Philadelphia.


Founder's Qualifications

Law Degree
Licensed to practice in PA

Philadelphia Building Industry Association


Masters Degree
International Business

National Association of Home Builders

Modular Home Builders Association


Bachelors Degree
Business Administration

Pennsylvania Builders Association

Ritz-Craft Corporation President's Council


Pennsylvania Bar Assocation

Roxborough Development Corporation
Board Member


Open Positions

Construction Management Intern

Our projects are getting bigger in both size and quantity. It has helped us streamline to be able to do more work with less time, but now we are ready to add more administrative support. A ground floor position to move your way up in a growing construction firm.


  • Motivated and self-driven. Jobsites can be busy places and it can sometimes be tough to think about tomorrow, next week or next year, when things are happening in front of you. A driven individual needs to see the forest of the future, rather than the trees of the day.
  • Common Sense. Bachelors Degree would be great, but common sense and critical thinking is just as important and is the absolute minimum requirement for consideration. Critical thinking is a mandatory component of foresight necessary to understand the future impact of construction decisions made in the present.
  • Desire for growth. We aren't looking for an intern because we want to pay low wages and squeeze extra labor, we want our team to be better because of you. By starting in this position and figuring out what you like and what you are good at, we can create a path for your professional development together.

Position will be somewhat flexible - would consider part time for students currently in school. Pay will be commensurate with skill-set but it will be a PAID position and it will NOT be minimum wage. We believe you get what you pay for.


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